So Cool! You can Listen to Robert Munsch read out load his children’s books!

You have a few choices, you can hit play and have your child listen to Robert Munsch read each of the 20 books, or you can download each book and listen to it later.

Robert Munsch’s books online for free

Once upon a time, there were over 10 books. You had the opportunity to read many books online for Free, and it was a sad day for many parents when it disappeared.

But I did find something else.

You can Listen to Robert Munchs Books Online for FREE! 

Click Here to begin (

Robert Munsch Audiobooks for Free

  • You can also listen to Rober Munch’s stories on Spotify 
  • and get several audiobooks on youtube 

Has this freebie expired?

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    About Robert Munsch, The Author

    Robert Munsch, the beloved author of many children’s books, was born in 1945 in Pennsylvania. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in history and anthropology from the university, he continued his studies to become a Jesuit priest and worked with orphanages and daycares.

    He then moved to Ontario, Canada, to work at a preschool while teaching at the University of Guelph. During this time, Robert’s talent for creating stories for the children he worked with began to shine through, eventually leading him to write and publish several beloved tales still enjoyed by young readers today!

    Best Selling Books from the Munsch Collection

    Robert Munsch’s beloved books have enchanted families worldwide for years! His best-selling classic, Love You Forever, has sold more than 30.96 million copies and was featured on Friends and Oprah Winfrey as one of her favourite children’s books.

    The Paper Bag Princess is another all-time favourite from the Munsch collection, with over 7 million copies in print. With characters that children will love and moral lessons that parents appreciate, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in a Robert Munsch book!