So Cool! You can actually Listen to Robert Munsch read out load his children’s books!

You have a few choices, you can hit play and have your child listen to Robert Munsch read each of the 20 books available, or you can download each book and listen to it at a later date.

Robert Munsch is a famous Canadian Child book Author.

Aobert Munsch has allowed us to listen to the author reading all 50 of his books. On his website, The stories can be downloaded as MP3 files. This is the delightful free resource that I am highlighting today.

BUT is far more than just a collection of free downloadable stories.

This is a website that illustrates how powerful and beautiful the internet can be. It is a place where Bob Munsch shares much more than his books. as he refers to himself

Bob Munsch shares himself, and art and poetry and anecdotes and wisdom and laughter and more. When you go to this website, be prepared to spend some time exploring, and you’ll be more productive for the investment.

You’ll probably feel just a little younger at heart as well.

(To begin exploring, click on at the top of Robert Munsch’s books page.)

Has this freebie expired?

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    About Robert Munsch The Author

    Robert Munsch was born in Pennsylvania back in 1945. He graduated from University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and a degree in anthropology.

    Then he actually also studied to be a Jesuit priest and worked with orphanages and various daycares.

    He later studied for a Master of Education, moved to Ontario, Canada, and began working at a preschool and taught at the University of Guelph.

    Robert was then encouraged to create and publish the stories he created for the children he worked with.

    Best Selling Books from the Munsch Collection

    Love You Forever children’s book sold more than 30.96 million copies. It was featured on an episode of Friends and Oprah Winfrey as being one of her favourite children’s books.

    The Paper Bag Princess children’s book sold more than 7 million copies.