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“Poligrip® denture adhesive cream is formulated to give you all-day hold and is clinically proven to help seal out food particles that can cause discomfort.”

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    Poligrip Brand

    Even exceptional fitting dentures can fit better when you use Poligrip. They say that just three dabs of this stuff will do the trick. You will be able to eat, smile, and feel comfortable while wearing your dentures.

    Poligrip creates a seal between your gums and dentures, giving you an added feeling of security.

    Using adhesives correctly

    There is a right and wrong way to apply adhesives. Just use a few dabs. It will be challenging to get that adhesive to work correctly if you overdo it. A little goes a long way. Three pats usually do it.

    If, at first, those three dabs do not make you feel confident in the hold, increase the pats accordingly.

    Poligrip Cream

    Always store at room temperature. It will make the tube easier to squeeze.

    Apply adhesive evenly overdentures.

    Use a small amount. If you use too much, it will get messy and not work correctly.

    Do not apply more than once a day.

    Don’t forget to rinse your mouth before applying your dentures. It will eliminate any excess material and leave clean gums for when you use your dentures.