Premier Shakers

Become a Premier Protein Shaker!  Coming in 2022, you can sign up for the Premier Protein Shaker Influencer Program.  Most influencer programs get an opportunity for discounts, free samples, and special perks.

  • If you are passionate about these protein drinks and are excited to share them with others
  • You will need to be on social media.  ( but has discrimination on your following)
  • A Positive Voice, to kee the good energy Flowing

Free Protein Samples Canada Possibility


Advertised on their Website, the perks of joining will be a chance to be :

  • featured on their social channels
  • a support network of fellow shakers across Canada,
  • Early access to the new products


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Coming Soon in 2022

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Where to buy premier protein shakes in Canada

You can find Premier Protein Shakes in the following stores in Canada

  • Costco – if you have a membership – it’s the cheapest per bottle because of bulk buy.  Cases are 18 or 30
  • Walmart – Box of 4 is $9.99
  • SDM Box of 4 is $14.49

If you need more options or want to find by unique Premier Protein flavour, check out this page