, Pure Protein Coupon : Save a $1.00 ( Bars or Whey)

Pure Protein

The Brand Pure Protein is a popular choice when it comes to a protein supplement! If one of your new year’s resolution was to work out more, lift more, you might be interested in the savings with this pure Protein coupon we found on save.ca

Pure Protein Coupon

Save $1.00 off your next purchase of any Pure Protein product

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Coupon Expiry Date is June 11, 2021

Pure Protein Prices across Canada

, Pure Protein Coupon : Save a $1.00 ( Bars or Whey)

Real Canadian Superstore

Pure Protein bars ( 6pk) can be found on sale for $6.99 and are regular $8.82

Walmart Canada

Pure Protein 100% Whey Vanilla Cream Protein Powder 2lbs $19.99 Regular price

Saving Tip! 

It will be best to use the bars to maximize percentage-based savings as it’s the cheaper price point.