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Metamucil Canada

Discover Metamucil if you have a problem with getting enough fibre into your diet. Fibre supplements help many Canadians with IBS and other digestive issues you may face regarding your dietary needs. Nothing tastes better than a great deal using Metamucil Coupons, so let’s Get Started.

Metamucil 14 Day Challenge

When you take the challenge, you will be offered a $3.00 off coupon in the next 24 hours, plus getting tips for making life changes regarding taking Metamucil.

Metamucil Coupon

  • Save $3.00 when you buy any ONE Metamucil Product.

Metamucil Coupon is available in Print Format.

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Metamucil Benefits

  1. Helps to suppress appetite when taken before a meal§ temporarily
  2. Helps lower cholesterol levels
  3. Promotes digestive health

How Does Metamucil Work?

The Psyllium fibre belongs to 2 different groups of medications: the bulk-forming laxatives and the cholesterol-lowering drugs. It is used to treat constipation as it can help with mild to moderately high cholesterol as a fibre supplement.

For the treatment of illness, You need to drink a lot of water to help the intestines to produce softer stools. It may take between 12 and 72 hours to start working.

It helps with lowering cholesterol – It helps increase bile acid loss from the body by trapping bile acids in the small intestine.

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Metamucil Coupon


  1. Please contact the company directly. We are not the sponsor of this promotion, we only share things we find online with our fans.

  2. my printer did not print the coupons and now I am told it is not longer available to me and I cannot seem to find out what I can do

  3. I don’t know why you are having trouble finding current coupons.
    There are 3 links to current print coupons.
    If you have previously printed these coupons, they may no longer be available to you.
    There is a limited to how many times you can print each coupon.
    I hope this helps.


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