Sudafed Savings for Canada

In the past, we have seen Sudafed Coupons as high as $4.00 off per product, but times have changed, and so has the way Sudafed does promotions on their products.

Sudafed has now moved over to Cashback Rebate sites to offer Canadian Consumers savings in a controlled environment.

So Check out the following two applications and see if Sudafed has any rebates to save on this week.

Checkout 51 or Caddle :

Or you can check out other Health Coupons.

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    TIPS FOR YOUR Helping with your  SINUS SUFFERING

    This sudafed product will relieve you from sinus pain, headache,  and congestion.

    1. Drink More water. Water helps thin mucus and may drain easier. Also, try applying a warm town to your head and help relieve some pressure, or you can also try steam or a hot shower to help.
    2. Sometimes chilling out your sinuses works and reduces some pressure pain.
    3. Also, get a massage on your neck and shoulders to reduce any stress. Stress can worsen your symptoms, so get a massage to remove any tension.

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