Macaroni or any form of pasta is a great side dish for those of you that can handle Gluten and as well as you can purchase Gluten-Free Pasta but the following suggestions are not going to be Gluten-Free – But are some ideas on how to easily change up your pasta with Using a LIMITED amount of Ingredients


The above picture is from No Frills  – Found in the Bulk section. I think I paid $6.99 for it back in January 2020, but I do find this is a cheap alternative to adding flavour to soups and does not leave a texture like OXO.

I’m merely sharing with all of you what I have taught my children – take it or leave it.

Warning the following is NOT “Great Healthy Ideas” 

These are just simple ways to spruce up Macaroni Pasta.  IIf You are poor or lacking the ability to get the grocery store, these alternatives may be something you have in your house as ideas to get you through a meal!

Macaroni & Chicken Soup Base.

Simply cook your macaroni according to the package. ( Boil Water with a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of butter/margarine or oil, and when at a boil add macaroni and cook on medium till macaroni is soft – remember to stir constantly to avoid sticking together.

Two ways to cook this.

1st approach: Add to the original water and bake in the macaroni, and it will leave a subtle after draining to serve.

2nd approach: Once you remove your macaroni water in a colander,  add another tablespoon of Margarine or butter or a bit of oil and stir in a Teaspoon to Tablespoon of chicken soup base. Add until desired taste.

Macaroni & Dill

If you like Dill taste: Try the following

Dill Seasoning ( Fresh or Dried) with Mayonaise and a bit of lemon juice with Salt and Pepper to taste

  • 4 Cups Macaroni (Cooked)
  • 1 Cup of Mayonaise
  • 1 Tablespoon of Lemon Juice

Best left to sit and meld for a few hours or overnight in the fridge.

Macaroni & Mushroom Soup

  • 4 Cups Macaroni (cooked)
  • One can of Mushroom Soup ( don’t add a full can of milk or water)
  • Couple Tablespoons of milk or butter

Macaroni & Alfredo Sauce

  • 4 Cups Macaroni (cooked)
  • 1/2 Jar or 1/3 Jar of Alfredo Sauce

Macaroni & Cheez Whiz

Cheez Whiz is generally not cheap, but it does last forever, and maybe you have a jar floating around your pantry.

  • 4 Cups of Cooked Macaroni
  • 1/4 cup Cheez Whiz
  • 1 Tablespoon butter or Margarine

Macaroni & Cajun Spice

You don’t need “Slap Ya Mama” but if you have kind of Cajun seasoning or you can simply add a variety of chilli powder or a mixture of spices in your cupboard.

  • 4 Cups of Cooked Macaroni ( still hot)
  • 1 Tablespoon Butter
  • 1 Tablespoon of Seasoning of your choice

Macaroni & Tomato Soup

  • 4 Cups of Cooked Macaroni
  • 1 Can of Tomato Soup ( don’t add a full can of milk or water)
  • 1 Tablespoon butter
  • if needed a Tablespoon of milk or water

There are many ways to make Macorini side dishes!  And this is just a few of them, but I was simply trying on recipes I’ve personally done with limited ingredients on hand and have passed these ideas onto my children while in college or living as a single person that didn’t want to create a huge healthy meal.