Free 30 Trial to Express VPN

As we all are busy practicing our #socialdistancing and trying to stay at home, Many of you may be filling your day binge-watching tv streaming channels such as Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.,

I’ve been a User of Express VPN since October 2019, and I love their service! I get way more tv options as I pretend to be a USA citizen; plus, I get the security of knowing the Canadian Government will have a more challenging time tracking my movements! And you too, can get an express VPN free trial

Their Chat Support is fantastic! I’ve had such a great experience with their support team the few times I needed it!

With each subscription, you can connect up to 5 devices!

You will need a Paypal or Credit Card to Access this FREE Trail.

Free Express VPN trial on iphone

How To Get an Express VPN FREE Trial

  1. Click on the link above in Red to join; This part may be slightly confusing; however,  Express VPN does have several tutorial videos for every step if you are not confident about downloading and setting up your Free Trial.
  2. Once you have created your new express VPN account for free, you will need to connect to one of their servers. You can do this by scrolling down the ‘servers’ list to find one in your desired location. Then click on it and select ‘connect.’ I Use Seattle and Chicago personally with no issues.
  3. Once you successfully connect to a server, it will show you an IP address in the bottom right corner, the country you are currently connecting from (mine was the USA ). It will also give you a password in that same box; there may be other codes or numbers but ignore these; they are not important!!
  4. That’s all! If your internet connection works, then congratulations! Express VPN has given you 30 days of free trial access to their services. Remember, this only takes 5 minutes once you have had a little practice, so get free VPN accounts!

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What is a VPN? You may Ask

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a network technology that creates an encrypted connection (often referred to as a tunnel) between your computer and another server, hiding the data you’re doing online from prying eyes.

This is especially useful in nations where internet censorship is commonplace. By using a VPN, people in these authoritarian countries can gain unlawful access to the Internet by evading government-imposed restrictions enforced by groups like the OpenNet Initiative.

Users can conceal their activities from governments attempting to block specific websites or hackers trying to snoop on them for whatever reason. Other advantages include using P2P file sharing without fear of prosecution and gaining access to regionally restricted services such as Pandora and US Netflix.

Why I Chose Express VPN

Honestly, I needed a VPN that could cross the HULU barrier. Hulu is not available in Canada, and it has been somewhat tricky to set up an account, but Express Vu was one of the few that worked with Hulu for me. Trust me, and I’d tried out five other Internet trials before seeing if any would work. So far, it hasn’t let me down, and I’ve been able to use Hulu throughout this period. One thing it hasn’t been able to persuade me to do is Amazon Prime, but it’s okay because I couldn’t get my Stack TV from Amazon if they thought I lived in the United States.