If you have a baby in the house, You may qualify for this free Bundoo sample box hosted with no other than Sampler.io, which is famous for great free sample campaigns.

Depending on Eligibility, you could match with tons of different baby products and even some maternity products.

How to Apply for a FREE bundoo Sampler box

Bundoo Free Product sample box

You will Have to Connect with Sampler ( Free if you don’t have an account), and then you will answer questions to see if you qualify to depend on our profile, such as demographics, household, etc. After completing the survey, you will find out if you have been selected for a Bundoo box sample.

Free Sample Rules:

  • Open to Canadian Residents
  • Have a Sampler Account
  • Not Everyone will Qualify
  • While Supplies Last

Click here to Apply

While Supplies Last!

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About Bundoo

Bundoo is a Media Resource that aims to increase the level of education available to the public. It’s a physician-led tool for new and expecting parents to connect with real doctors and specialists in healthcare.

Bundoo is a unique brand that provides daily newsletters to new parents with relevant information on doctors, hospitals, and pediatricians. You can join Bundoo for free here.

The Health Report is a group of freelance journalists based worldwide who cover health news. We give our global audience captivating, independent knowledge that is fascinating and easy to understand.

Baby Bundoo delivers an engaging, easy-to-understand daily newsletter to expecting parents. It has the most relevant information about Pregnancy, Babycare and Childcare for new mothers.

This free information offers helpful information on issues like

  • “How to Find the Right Pediatrician for Your Newborn,”
  • “Well-Being of Mother is Vital for a Healthy Child” and
  • “What is the Role of Pediatricians and Health Care Providers in Health?”