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Jun 7, 2020

Since the Government has extended its filing for this year of 2020 -Here’s a list of some Free Tax Software you can look at for Filing this year if you have waited this long to get it done.


Some of the following programs have Both Free and Paid Versions. Having a Paid alternative is a great option if this is your first try at doing your taxes, and may need additional help. T (Paid may be limited to phone and email support)

Some of these software programs may also be based on your income level

So try it yourself for FREE and then you can decide to upgrade if you get stuck or have questions.


This Simple Tax software offers only One Main Product, and basically, you simply pay anything you want from their service – It’s up to you.

How it works is basically after you submit your return to the Canada Revenue Agency, the company will ask for a donation. Simply Choose to contribute from $0.00 to $49.99.

Don’t Worry! There is some prompt guidance along the way.

2. U- FILE – Free Version

uFile is available free of charge download for students that reside in Canada and is completely free if you are a student.

But Wait! You can also use this tax software for FREE if your family is low income (Under $20,000 or you’re filling out a Simple Single Tax Revenue form. Also, there is a free option for Newcomers to Canada that are filing their FIRST tax return


StudioTax is also a free tax return program that is available via a Desktop Download.

An Interesting Feature about this software – it doesn’t require to be connected online to perform its primary functions.


TurboTax is one of the most well known and one of the most popular online tax return software in Canada.

It offers a Free Version, Standard and Premium Version.

  • You can use this software on your smartphone
  • It can do up to 20 returns per year for free
  • Auto Fill from Canada Revenue
  • Maximum Refund Guarantee
  • They offer a Re- File if you have to make adjustments to your return


This Cloud Tax software has a three pier system, Free, Pro, and Premium.

For the free service, you receive:

  • Chat Support
  • Autofill Return
  • Web & Mobile

This program is currently available in Canada, but not in the province of Quebec, or Northwest Territories.


GenuTax is a software that can only be downloaded on a Desktop computer.

What’s Great about this free tax return software is you can do up to the last 11 years, which is terrific for those that are behind on doing their taxes.

Most free tax software – they will ask for a voluntary donation

Why do Canadians file their tax return Electronically?

Most of the time anyone can file electronically – They are very user friendly and will help guide you through the process, so you don’t need to feel like you need to be a tax expert.

Get Faster Refunds: Electronic tax return results in faster refunds as few as ten days.

It’s an inexpensive alternative to hiring a tax professional or accountant to do simple returns.

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