Guylian Contest – WIN FREE Guylian Chocolate!

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Guylian Contest for Canada 2019

Enter for your chance to WIN FREE Guylian Chocolate!

To enter this contest, simply go to the Official, Guylian Facebook or Instagram page via the link below, locate the current contest post, and follow the instructions provided in the contest post.

Good Luck!


  • Single entry
  • Open to Worldwide
  • Quebec friendly
  • Age of majority
  • Valid Facebook or Instagram account

Enter this contest Here (Facebook)

Enter this contest Here (Instagram)

This Guylian Contest ends August 29, 2019


Has this Guylian Contest ended?

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Guylian Chocolate Canada

This brand as a French pronunciation. Did you know that a man by the name of Guy Foubert founded this company back in 1960?

It as now become one of the leaders in boxed gourmet chocolates.

Interestingly enough, the company got its name from both Guy and his wife Liliane. That is such a wonderful thing to pass down for future generations.

Guylian is located in Belgium. You know that a company knows their chocolates when they are actually located in Belgium. Where do you think Belgium chocolates originated?

Did you know that this company found it’s a way to the Guinness World Record Book? They built the worlds largest Easter Egg sculpture ever made. It was erected in the market square in Sint-Niklaas (Belgium). It took workers eight days to create this wonder.

Guylian Chocolate Seashells

Guylian Belgium Chocolate Seashells is surely one of the most selling items from this brand. People seem to crave these rich, melt-in-your-mouth morsels. Every year at Christmas, we have to purchase a box of these specifically for my husband’s grandmother who is now well into her 80’s. Now that is staying power in my opinion.


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