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Green Black Organic Chocolate Bars



Want an Organic Chocolate Bar! Green & Blacks are the Brands! Choose between Dark and Milk Chocolate or get a burst of flavour with the Ginger Dark Chocolate! We are here to help save you money! Get Organic Chocolate Green & Black Bars with a discount. See Below for a Green & Black Coupon!

Green & Blacks Coupon

  • Save $1.00 off an Organic Chocolate bar from Green & Blacks

This coupon is available in both Print or you can choose to have it mailed to your home.

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Coupon Expiry Date is December 31, 2020




How to Save Money On Organic Chocolate!

Saving money on specialty items is almost the hardest to do! Organic and specialty chocolate is rarely advertised in flyers! You really need to just simply watch your prices on the Organic section and keep good notes of what everyone is selling the items for.

Use a coupon when you can such as Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate bar Coupon seen above. You can also simply ask your favourite Organic brands if they have any mail outs for savings.

Currently, Most places carry this bar for $4.99 each.

Stores that Carry Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate

London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, Bulk Barn

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More about Green & Blacks Brand

The Dark Chocolate Bars have 85% Caco and is actually manufactured in the United Kingdom, which is probably why it’s a bit expensive. It’s UN Certified as Ethically Sourced Chocolate. Every ingredient that goes into these bars is all organic quality. Made with Trinitario cocoa beans. Follow on Instagram 

The ingredients include organic chocolate, organic cocoa, butter, organic raw cane sugar, organic vanilla extract and is NOT processed with alkali.

Some reviews include that the sugar/carb ratio is low so this particular chocolate bar brand is suitable for diabetics on occasion.

Green symbolizes the commitment to always sourcing ethical cocoa. And the Black stands for high quality and the delicious intensity of our chocolate.



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