Hot Wheels Track Canada

Kids love to play with just not only Cars but racing cars on the tracks! And who else would be better at tracks and cars but HotWheels! Hotwheels tracks and cars have been around for decades and are actually highly collectible nowadays as well. But let’s Get on with the Findings of some great Hotwheels Tracks to Purchase.

Hot Wheels Track Set Canada | buy hot wheels online canada

Hot Wheels Track Set Canada | buy hot wheels online canada

Hot Wheels Colossal Crash Track Set

This track was the newest track Hotwheels came up within the year 2019. It is the biggest one that Hot Wheels has ever made – it’s over Five Feet Wide! Crazy Large. And Guess What? It’s compatible with other Hot Wheels sets, so you can make this set as big and as bad as you want!  This set is from Amazon Canada.

It Has a Double Figure Eight design with boosters to allow you to race multiple cars. It is also easy to fold up for easy storage.

Btw make sure you pick up SIX  D Cell Batteries if you are purchasing for a gift.

Hot wheels track in box

Hot Wheels Track Builder

Hot Wheels Track Builder is 3 times cooler than most! It has 3 loops and has some great images for any kid. It has an amped-up jump stunt to keep the thrills! Great easy storage and is actually portable to go to a friend’s house when needed.  It’s also compatible with other Hot Wheel tracks to build larger tracks.  This set was found on Chapters Indigo Canada Website.

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheel is a brand of American toymaker Mattel, Inc. Introduced in 1968, the brand mainly manufactures die-cast toy cars of different scales.

The brand was mainly introduced to making cars for children and young adults. However, it has gradually become popular, especially in the last 15 years, with adult collectors who like to collect the toy replicas of real car models. Currently, the company manufactures some limited edition models of a few selected cars for those collectors. Many automobile manufacturers also take the brand’s service in making the scale models of their vehicles by using original blueprints and detailing.

Hot Wheels have brought forth many car series, including Treasure Hunt or T-Hunt, Dropstars, G-Machines, Customs, the Hot Wheels Classics, Flying Colors, etc. Each year, the company releases many toy cars and replica models of real cars. Some of the models released this year are ’69 Dodge Charger, Tesla Model S, ’77 Pontiac Firebird, ’52 Hudson Hornet, Lamborghini Urus, Aero Pod, Cloak and Dagger, Vendetta, and others. Besides the toy cars, the replica models are a good option for those collectors who cannot afford the high sticker price.

Along with cars, Hot Wheels also offers car games where gamers can build their hot wheel tracks and participate in races. You can buy Hot Wheels cars and games in Canada on their websites and various e-commerce sites.