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Pain Relief When You Need It Most

An Icy Hot patch is a form of pain relief treatment.

It will give you instant and long-lasting relief from minor ailments like sore muscles, arthritis, and aching joints.

It’s never good when you have to deal with pain. It can make life, well, a pain…pun intended.

Trust Icy Hot to help you get back to normal, quickly.

Where to Buy

Look for Icy Hot brand products in the pain-relief section of your local grocery or drug store.

Here are just a few of the products that this brand carries;

  • Icy Hot Patches
  • Icy Hot Dry Application
  • Icy Hot Cream, Gel or Roll-On

Each individual is different. Some people prefer the patches, while others prefer the creams and gels.

Personally, the patches are the thing for me. No mess, no cleanup.


Patches come in XL Back Patch, regular back patch, and Arm Neck & Leg varieties.

Dry Application – Medicated Roll or Sleeve (knees, elbows, or ankles)

Liquid Versions to relieve pain – Come in a cream and gel form to provide instant relief when you need it most.