There are so many ways to find Kleenex coupons to save on facial tissue. You can sign up for the company’s email list, follow them on social media, or look for special offers in the Sunday newspaper inserts. Be sure to stock up when you find a good deal because you’ll never know when you’re going to need some tissues!

Kleenex Coupons for Canada.

These Kleenex Coupons are available in Print format only.

  • Save $0.75 off your next purchase of any three boxes or one bundle of Kleenex Facial Tissue
  • Save $1.00 off if you Share the offer

**NOTE – Make sure to select your country before printing on the Kimberly Clark website.

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    Some people have been lucky enough to get coupons mailed to them from Kimberly Clark.  You can find them in trade groups or request your own. You’ll find $1.00 off coupons.

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