Everyone knows Kleenex is a staple when you have a cold or the Flu. With Flu season coming up, now is a good time to stock up on Kleenex and be prepared for when it hits your house. It is never fun to make a trip to the store in your Pj’s because you run out of Kleenex and you feel terrible!

While you may know that Kleenex is a hero during times of illness, did you think of using them in other ways? Here is my list of 15 other handy uses for Kleenex.

Top 15 Uses for Kleenex Facial Tissue

1. Cleaning eyeglasses. Kleenex is amazing for cleaning your eyeglasses because it will not scratch the lenses and it is gentle enough to use. I suggest not using the kind with the aloe or lotion in them, however, or you may have a film to clean off.

2. Quick cleanups in the bathroom are easy with Kleenex. Clean up that toothpaste out of the sink and the spots on the mirror quickly.

3. During play. It may seem super silly, but when I was little, Kleenexes was the perfect doll accessory. I used them for Barbie blankets, pillows and everything in between. I think I even made some temporary clothes for my Barbies with them as well.

4. Mailing and moving. Kleenex is perfect for mailing objects that are breakable. Just wrap in a Kleenex and place in the box. Pack with peanuts around it and you will add an extra layer of soft protection around your fragile items such as cups, plates, glasses and figurines.

5. Last-minute toilet paper. Who hasn’t run out at least once before they could get to the store?

6. Use empty Kleenex boxes for storing coloured pencils, crayons, scissors, markers and any other craft supply you need corralling in your home from all your kid’s stuff. They work great because they are a craft project in themselves as you can decorate them to suit your style.

7. Removing makeup. The lotion-infused Kleenex tissues are amazing for removing makeup. They help break down the heavy makeup such as eyeliner and mascara, all while being gentle and not stripping your skin of moisture.

8. Last-minute dusting. Kleenex tissues are amazing for dusting as they tend to have a bit of static cling in them and will pick up dust bunnies in no time.

9. Mid-day oil cleanup. Try blotting your shiny spots on your T-Zone with a Kleenex. This is why the pocket-sized Kleenex packs are perfect to throw in your purse.

10. Use Empty Kleenex containers for storing plastic shopping bags for later use. Don’t let them take over your house! Store your plastic shopping bags in a Kleenex container for easy dispensing of them. Use the bags for trash bin liners, cleaning the kitty box and even for storing wet swimsuits.

11. Wrapping gifts. This may be a stretch. but instead of using expensive tissue paper, use a Kleenex to wrap small gifts. This is especially good for fragile items.

12. Make sure your lipstick is perfect by blotting away any extra before you go out. This is not a new trick, but a good one to remember and use.

13. Use as a toe separator for doing a manicure. Just make sure to tuck it well as to not smear your pretty polish!

14. Make-shift bandage. Just use some tape and a Kleenex folded into a thick square. Place over the cut and apply pressure to stop bleeding and affix with tape, preferably medical tape, until you can get a bandage applied.

15. Detail your car interior with Kleenex. These little tissues work wonders when it comes to cleaning small spaces.