How to Find Larabar Savings

Currently, Larabar hasn’t had any normal online coupons available since 2016. Still, I have seen them on rebate sites: So if you’re looking for coupons or savings for this brand, I suggest either checking out tear pad coupons or look at the following Digital Rebate Sites:

Checkout51 and Caddle  Rebates 

or check out the latest Grocery Savings

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About & History on Larabar

Larabarproducts were founded in the year 2000.

Larabar products are GMO-Free, including NO Gluten and No Dairy. So if you are trying to “Eat Clean” or not have any gluten or feel you are GMO sensitive – these products may be for you. – Give them a try today.

Vegan Friendly as Well – LÄRABAR and ALT are made entirely from plant-based foods. SOY except for the chocolate chip varieties, LÄRABAR bars do not contain soy or soy derivatives.

Larabars  Product Review Video