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Maynards Savings for Canada

Are you looking for Coupons for this brand? Well, unfortunately, there are no physical coupons for Maynards neither in Print or being able to get them mailed to your home.

But this company may have moved over to the Rebate Side of Savings

Simply use your Store Receipt to start earning money towards a Rebate ( Moneyback)

It’s free and easy to do with simple instructions:

Check the Rebate Sites: Checkout51 and Caddle Canada Rebates 

Maynard’s Sour Patch

Maynard’s Sour Patch Kids are a delicious, sour, sweet treat that kids seem to love. These are a soft candy with a sugar coating that is sour. Sweet candy with a sour coating makes for an interestingly enjoyable combination.

Maynards is a confectionery company that is found in the United States as well as Canada.

Maynard’s Sour Wine Gums

Most of you may be familiar with Maynard’s Sour Wine Gum candy. These are sweet, chewy candy with flavour that holds.

Check out these and other Maynard favourites the next time you are at your local grocery, retail, or convenience store.