McDonald’s Canada: Save on Iced Coffee

You can enjoy an excellent coffee for Iced Coffee for $1.00 plus taxes during summer Drink Days. McDonald’s!

Also, if Summer Day Promo isn’t on yet, You can always use Your McDonald Rewards to get a Free Iced Coffee!

Mcdonalds’ iced coffee menu or Flavours

Flavoured coffee syrup includes

  • French Vanilla & Sugar-Free vanilla
  • Caramel
  • Hazelnut
  • You can ask for various shots added like caramel macchiato


Regular Price of McDonald’s iced coffee in 2022 in Canada

  • Ice Coffee Small$1.79 or $2.19 Flavored
  • Ice Coffee Medium$2.39 or $2.79 Flavored
  • Ice Coffee Large$2.79 or $3.19 Flavored

McDonald’s iced coffee nutrition

A Typical Small Iced coffee with whole milk and sugar will be 140 calories

Premium Roast Rainforest Alliance makes iced coffee certified espresso

Iced coffee is made from 100% high-quality Arabica coffee. The beans come from farms in Central and South America

Don’t Throw Out Your Cold Coffee! Make Iced Coffee!

Iced coffee from mcdonalds

How to make McDonald’s Iced Coffee at Home

You will first brew coffee in a coffee machine for this McDonald’s coffee recipe. I usually make the same number of coffee every morning (I start with 8 cups of cold water and add 3 Scoops of coffee grounds to my coffee pot).

Remove the coffee from its container, gently pour it into your cup, and leave it there for at least two hours.

After the coffee is cooling, add syrup and half & half (it can be necessary for bigger containers). Good mixing. ADD Ice!


how to make mcdonalds iced coffee at home

McDonald’s iced coffee ingredients

  • McDonald’s iced coffee ingredients – syrup, whole milk, coffee, and ice, (on their website)
  • You obviously can’t get into a taste like the original in your kitchen, but you can sure fake it until you make it suitable. I learned a long time ago how I like my iced coffee to taste, and you will need to need play with the amount of sweetness and cream to get it Just Right!

What type of Syrup to Use?

There are many kinds of syrup you can use, such as Torani syrup (which can be found on Amazon if you can’t find it in your local stores, and you can use DiVinci syrup if you are looking for a Fake sugar syrup to use.

What type of Whole Milk to use?

  • Use anything from Whipping Cream, Half & Half, or 2% Milk. I like to use whipping cream or 18% cream when possible, but everyone’s taste buds are different, and you will need to play with the ingredients a bit.

What type of premium-roast coffee to use?

I use what I have, but if you want to attempt to Nail the copycat recipe, I suggest getting Mcdonalds premium-roast coffee to use in your brew.

Caramel Iced Coffee Recipe

This is a simple and quick fix, and it works wonderfully! If you want to make caramel coffee at home, you can find the exact recipe at McDonald’s. In the formula above, one tablespoon of Torani Caramel coffee syrup is used in place of the Torani Vanilla Flavor ice-cold syrup.

It provides the same taste without McDonald’s’ iced coffee costs or the hassle of leaving them home alone.