Method Coupon for Canada.

Many women are guilty of overspending on cleaning products.

They will pay big bucks for an all-purpose cleaner that promises to do it all, but they end up using several different bottles and spending way too much money.

Fortunately, there is a company out there that makes high-quality cleaning products at prices women can afford!

You can find Method Coupons every so often so you can save some cash while still getting your house clean.

You deserve to have a clean home without breaking the bank.

Method Coupon

Ecover Cleaning Savings is now available.

  • Save $1.00 off any Method ECOVER cleaning product.

This coupon is available in print only.

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Did you know that back In 2012, Method Products joined the Ecover Group,  which is a group focused on sustainability? Based in Belgium


Ecover Controversy

Ecover was found to be using Daphnia ( water fleas) to test products, and in 1007 the Vegan society took away their stamp of approval  – this has not stopped Ecover from continuing to check on these water fleas; they are not considered as not invertebrates.

Also in In 2014, Ecover confirmed that it was trialling oil derived from algae. and many had petitioned cover to stop using synthetic algae, citing a lack of regulation and knowledge about synthetic organisms, and their effects on  farming