There are few people out there that enjoy cleaning out their freezer or fridge. While some cleaning maniacs like that sort of thing, the rest of us dread it like the plague. This is one of the easier cleaning jobs we have to do in our homes. What seems like a nasty process is just a problem with procrastination. If we stay on top of it, the cleaning is super easy. Here is a weekly method that will keep us on cruise control when it comes to cleaning out a fridge or freezer:

Tips to Clean Your Freezer or Fridge |

Take everything out of the fridge first.

You can do that method where you slide things from one side to the other, but all you are doing is transferring germs and double working. Go ahead and pull it all out. If you put your hands on each item and remove it, you will be much less likely to place it back in if it is no longer viable human food. Cleaning will be easier as well.

Feel good about tossing bad stuff

As you throw out stuff that is no longer good, remind yourself that keeping food for far too long is a bad habit. Stick to holding things that you will use. Some folks stick every leftover in the fridge and never use any of them. Resist the urge to do this and keep only what you will use. Throw it out as you clean each week when it is past its prime. Your stomach will thank you later.

Tips to Clean Your Freezer or Fridge |

Look for nasty containers.

Have you honestly looked at your ketchup bottle? What about the barbecue sauce? If you are like most folks, there are plenty of items that need a good wipe-down. Do this as you pull them out or put them back in. Regardless, never put in something dirty once you have cleaned.

Wipe down all surfaces with warm to hot water

With everything out of the way, it is time to give the fridge or freezer a good wipe-down. Use hot soapy water or your favourite cleaning solution. If you have any tough stains, use a non-abrasive cleaner. You do not want to scratch up the surfaces of your fridge or freezer. This will only make it harder to clean in the future and provide places for bacteria to hide and grow.

Embrace the vinegar solution

Make a spray bottle of vinegar to clean your fridge and freezer. This can be pure vinegar if you don’t mind the smell or equal parts water and vinegar. Vinegar alone will clean quite powerfully, so using it alone is popular. Spray down the inside of the freezer or fridge and let it sit. Usually, around five minutes will do. Then wipe it all down with a dry, clean cloth.

Let it air dry or dry with a clean towel.

You do not want to put food back into a wet environment. If you are in a hurry, use a clean towel to dry off the surfaces of your fridge or freezer. If you have the time, leave the doors open to let everything air dry.



Now it is time to put everything back.

As you are putting things back, take inventory of what you have. If something has been in there for months (or years) and you have not touched it, you will never eat it. Toss it out! This will free up space in your fridge or freezer and make future cleaning jobs much more manageable.

If you follow these simple tips, you will find that cleaning out your fridge or freezer is not nearly as daunting as it seems. The weekly maintenance will go a long way in keeping your kitchen clean and organized.