Top 10 items to buy at Yard Sales



Top 10 Items to buy at Yard Sales

Everyone’s needs are different obviously when It comes to what to look for at garage sales. But here’s a top 10 for Yard Sales of what I have in the past hunted for during the summer months.


1. Baby & Kids Wear When You Have Babies or Kids that wear up to size 6 – Save Your Penny’s and shop at Garage Sales. You’ll find lots and lots of good quality items on these.

For a $1 or $2 at most $5, you can pick up gently used items. And with so many garage sales – You’ll come home in no time with a whole new wardrobe for your kids.

When My kids were this age and smaller, I would shop almost every weekend and I bought tons of clothing for them. But I found once they got into a size 8 or higher there were fewer of them to buy and harder to find “Gently Used” after this. I once picked up a BARNY dress and matching hat for my daughter at a garage sale and for two whole summers, she wore it almost daily… I had to wash it while she napped. I’ve picked up Osh Kosh for $5 and $ 10.00. It really did help me financially when my kids were small and I was attempting to be a “Stay at Home mom”


Another Item You always can easily find at garage sales is board games, You can easily find board games for $1 or $2 may top $5 depending on condition and obviously the seller. Perfect for a Rainy Afternoon activity with your kids. Or if you are like me – For the Camper or Cabin – this way you’re not packing up your house so much by trying to make sure the kids are entertained. Also, you can easily find Kids Puzzles – and sometimes adult 1000 pcs puzzles.


3. DVDs & Movies

Just Remember when buying Dvd’s at Garage Sales – Wal-Mart generally sells old releases for $5.00 so Never pay more than $2.00 for a Normal DVD, unless it’s a new release or whole series of some sort. But again this is an easy pick up for cheap. So perhaps you are into Grey’s Anatomy or Game of Thrones, and you want all the seasons – Keep your eyes peeled. Or like when my kids were small – I would pick up Cartoon DVD’s including Disney for dirt cheap back in the day, and then I didn’t cry when the kids broke them ( VHS back then ) or in today’s lifestyle – Scratched. I know everything is now downloaded. But DVDs are still handy for camping or places that you frequent where Wifi is not an option.

4. Electronic Games.

What whatever you have at home be it a Nintendo Wii or PlayStation or Xbox – you’ll find many garage sales containing games. I have found some games for as low as $5.00. have a system and someone who enjoys playing now and again, its always good to check out a great bargain when you need to keep your kids entertained or use as an opportunity to teach your child about money.

5. Books

The best place to buy books is at garage sales. Pick them up for 25 cents up to $1.00 depending on the seller. I usually go to a few years just to go get books. I tend to only read when on vacation or out at our cabin. So I usually will buy 5 – 10 books a year at garage sales, and it’ll do me for the summer months. You’ll find books for every age and every topic, you’ll just have to hit a few of them to find some that you like.

6. House Hold Appliances 

Wanting an air fryer or Actifryer? Save your money and hit a garage sale. I have seen them go for $5 to $20 depending on seller and condition. Lots of time’s you’ll find blenders or coffee machines for dirt cheap. The condition may not be there, so be choosy. But if your kids are in college or starting to think about moving out, You may be able to save them some money by buying some second-hand stuff to help them out.

7. Sports Equipment

Thinking of taking up Cross country skiing or perhaps your tinkering with the idea of starting to go camping? Well start garage sailing, and chances are in a few weeks, you’ll have spotted the items. Lots of time’s you’ll run into Moving sales – where you’ll find decent treadmills, but I find you’ll be better off with Kijiji or something for something more modern technology. But there’s always golf clubs or ski’s at some garage sales, and you’ll just have to get lucky and find something you like and fit. But it is doable. Little Kids Life jackets are another one that you can find at garage sales. Perfect for pools or the lake.

8. Christmas Decorations

Talk about “Christmas in July”. But for some reason, I always see Christmas Decorations in my adventures of Yard sales. I bought a gorgeous Blue Santa last year for $5.00. It was still in the box and was originally from some Home Party Company. Another perfect idea for those of you starting on your own or perhaps as a filler on your Christmas tree or yard.

9. Furniture /House Hold stuff

Lots of time’s you’ll find “Moving” sales that are unloading their whole house, and you may be able to pick up a bed frame or coffee tables, shelves, or the obvious chairs and tables, tv’s, computers etc. it’s finding something you like enough to buy is the issue, but there’s always an abundance of these things at garage sales. Or perhaps you’ll find silver wear or leftover crafting stuff. The beauty of garage sales – It’s a Treasure Hunt – You never know what kind of goodies you’ll find next.

10. ArtWork.

I’ve bought tons of artwork at Garage sales. Some time’s you’ll find things unframed – that is worth way more than priced. I have two pieces in my living room that are original from a garage sale.

One I bought was an Artist signed print – not framed – They got the print as a wedding gift and the frame got busted during a move, and they never had a chance to replace the frame, they put it in their garage sale. I paid $20.00 I could have sold it at the Frame shop for $400.00, but I declined and spent $400 getting it framed instead.

Another Time My husband bought a $20 unframed art picture and had it framed and it’s increased in value as it was signed by the author. I don’t remember the value But I think at the time was $200.00 I also bought two framed knock off framed prints for $5 each that go well in bathroom for decor.

The Frames are heavy-duty and in heavy glass. I bet the frames alone were worth $40 or more.

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I personally don’t yard sale like I once did. I was a Queen at it once upon a time. I would go every weekend I was home, But I’m at the point of my kids almost grown, and I’m trying to downsize myself, So now I try to only yard sale for used books and I attend about 3 Saturday mornings or Friday nights to it per year, but when my kids were small – I would go Thursday local and spread out a bit more for Friday Night, and I used to be done by 11am on Saturday. I used to swear that everything good was gone by then, and no point on looking after that time. I loved the Thrill of the Hunt!