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Purchasing test strips can be expensive and time-consuming. People with diabetes who need to purchase them often feel the financial pressure of buying a box that may not even last as long as they had hoped. If you are looking for an easy way out, then this post is definitely for you! I will give some tips on how to save money when purchasing these important diabetes supplies.

OneTouch is giving away FREE glucose meter Canada!

If someone you know has diabetes, OneTouch will give you a free Verio IQ glucose meter.

Fill out the quick 3 question survey, and they will email you a coupon to get a free OneTouch Verio IQ glucose meter at a store near you.

Get Your Free OneTouch Verio IQ Glucose Meter

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    How much do diabetic test strips cost in Canada?
    How Much do Glucose Strips Cost?
    In Canada, SMBG test strips cost, on average, $0.79 each.  Public coverage varies across the country.

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