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Persil Coupon for Canada.

  • Save $2.00 off Persil ProClean Laundry Detergent

This Persil Coupon is available in Print Format.

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About Persil

Created by Henkel – Persil is a laundry detergent, but now also licensed for by Unilever. Henkel and Unilever both manufacture their own formulations.

Persil was Introduced in 1907 and is notable because it was the first “self-activated” laundry detergent.

Persil, the name is derived from two of its original ingredients, sodium perborate and sodium silicate.

The chore of doing the laundry changed with the introduction of washing powders in the 1880s.

On June 6, 1907, launched its newly developed, first of its kind product, Persil. The manufacturer had found a method to add sodium perborate—a bleaching agent—to its base washing agents (silicate), creating a “self-activating powder” detergent.

Invented in 1907, Persil is notable because of detergent, liquid capsule, liquid-gel, and tablet forms.

In the UK, Unilever uses the Persil brand to market a wide range of washing up liquids and dishwasher detergents.


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