With School back in and regular work hours begin, we can all start saving on laundry costs since we really can’t reduce our water unless you do just less laundry, that is. Still, I remember the days of loads and loads with small children, so start saving by using a Persil Coupon Canada to create today with this printable coupon.

Persil Coupon Canada

Persil Coupon Canada what it looks lke

Persil Printable Coupon for Canada

  • Save $3.00 off your next purchase of Persil Pro-Clean Oxi Liquid and Discs

This Persil Coupon Canada is available in Print Format.

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The Persil Coupon Expiry Date is December 31, 2021


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Is Persil laundry detergent good?

According to all the reviews I’ve read, the Negative on the Persil Pro-Clean is the Smell – some felt it smelled too sweet. But if you love a robust sweet laundry scent, this maybe won’t be a negative to you.

Where to buy Persil Detergent in Canada

and the approximate prices you will pay across Canada

Price- Persil Coupon Canada

Walmart Canada ( Ontario)

  • Persil ProClean Liquid Laundry Detergent boosted OXI Power formula 47 loads $12.97
  • Persil ProClean Liquid Laundry Detergent, Intense Fresh 96 loads $17.97
  • Persil ProClean Liquid Laundry Detergent boosted OXI Power formula Discs $12.97

Real Canadian Superstore ( Western) 

  • ProClean Concentrated Detergent Discs + Oxi Power 38 Discs $8.97 ( Sale) Regular $13.97
  • Proclean Power Liquid, Intense Fresh $19.98 (Regular Price)

Persil Coupon - Save $3.00 (Print) | persil coupon,persil coupon canada

About Persil Laundry Detergent

Does Tide own Persil?

No Persil Laundry detergent is made by Henkle, a company located in Germany.

Henkel introduces five stain-fighting formulas under Persil ProClean in Canada with its 2 in 1 formula, which received the highest laundry detergent rating.

Persil also introduced the new, energy-saving coldwater formula created specifically for Canadian consumers.

Over 3 Million washloads of plastic Persil were shipped in Canada during the first full quarter.

Did you know Persil is the most well-known laundry detergent in Europe?

The brand had been the first laundry brand that introduced self-adhesive formulas (1907), a phosphate-free detergent (1886), a liquid detergent and a concentrated powder detergent. Modern detergent is developed with a powerful five-enzyme system to remove the toughest stains.

Persil was Introduced in 1907 and is notable because it was the first “self-activated” laundry detergent.

  • Persil, the name is derived from two of its original ingredients, sodium perborate and sodium silicate.
  • The chore of doing the laundry changed with the introduction of washing powders in the 1880s.
  • On June 6, 1907, it launched its newly developed, first-of-its-kind product, Persil.
  • Invented in 1907, Persil is notable because of detergent, liquid capsules, liquid gel, and tablet forms.
  • Unilever uses the Persil brand to market a wide range of washing-up liquids and dishwasher detergents in the UK.

Everyday Laundry

Persil ProClean Original goes deep into fabrics to lift hard-to-clean stains and delivers a superior clean, brightly smelling fragrance for washing.

Good in all water temperatures and all equipment types, including top-loading front loading and ultra-effective washing. T

Consult the back label for the recommended top filling for the charge size and colour depth.

Persil Laundry detergent products 2021

Tough to Clean Stains

  • Persil contains a unique stain-fighting enzyme that breaks down stains to provide an exceptional deep-cleaning solution. When a dye goes deeper, Persil goes darker.