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    About Polysporin

    Polysporin is a famous healing brand from Canada. It is owned by Johnson & Johnson. Polysporin is also sold in the US but is much smaller than the Canadian brand. Its heritage is a line of antibiotic ointments and creams that heal infection and wounds. Since its creation, Polysporin has been developed into a more holistic healing brand. Currently, it provides consumers with real solutions for the swimmer’s ear, cold sores, pink eye, sties, eczema, and dry lips.

    There are now six antibiotic variations in the market. Two of these variants include an additional antibiotic: gramicidin. This brand has expanded into new self-care categories. Polysporin’s heritage also comprises antibiotic ear and eye products. Polysporin Pink Eye drops consist of polymyxin B and gramicidin. The Swimmer’s Eardrops consist of polymyxin B and lidocaine.