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Resolve Products


Carpet & Upholstery

Deep Clean Powder, Pet Deep Clean Powder, Stain Remover Trigger, Pet Stain Remover Trigger, High Traffic Foam, Steam Concentrate, and Pet Steam Concentrate

Laundry, Pre-Treatments

Oxi-Action DualPower, Oxi-Action Trigger, Spray N Wash Trigger, Spray N Wash

Laundry, In Wash

Oxi-Action Powder, Oxi-Action Liquid, Bright & White  Liquid, Crystal Powder, Crystal Liquid

Resolve Powder for Washing machine

How do you use Resolve Stain Remover Powder?

Applying it directly onto stains before washing clothes is recommended for optimal use of stain remover. While pre-washing isn’t obligatory, it can help remove excess debris. Load your washing machine with the pre-treated clothing and wash as usual. After two complete cycles without laundry detergent, inspect clothes for lingering stains and repeat the steps with a new application of stain remover, as needed.

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