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Just What is Senokot, You Might Ask?

Senokot is a health product that can help you manage and treat constipation. If you or a loved one has ever suffered from this, you know all too well just how bad it can be.

What makes Senokot different from many of the other treatments on the market today is that it is a natural laxative that provides gentle, comfortable, overnight relief of constipation.

If you are one of the many thousands of people who suffer from occasional constipation issues, then Senokot may be just the product you are looking for.

It comes in tablets as well as syrup varieties, depending on your preferences.

Be sure to read the “When NOT To Use A Laxative” portion on the Senokot website. This contains essential information on what you need to know before taking any medication. It is always best to seek a medical professional’s advice before starting any medication as well.