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Just what is Sudocrem, you might ask?

Sudocrem specializes in treating diaper rash. This product helps to protect and soothe your babies’ delicate skin when they are suffering from this.

Sudocrem’s base repels water, therefore, protecting the skin from urine and stools that irritate an already affected area.

However, this product is just not for babies. People have been known to use it when they have a skin condition that requires a soothing cream.

Did you know?

In 1995 Sudocrem Baby Lotion was introduced.

This company was founded way back in 1931, and the Antiseptic Cream wasn’t officially named until 1951.

  • In 2011 this  Sudocrem celebrated its 80th birthday
  • In 2012 this company launched their line of mousses

This product is hypoallergenic, Anti-Bacterial, Soothes and protects,

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Prevent Diaper Rash by following a few simple steps

  • Change your baby’s diaper immediately after it becomes soiled or wet.
  • When changing your baby, it is best to use warm water, a cotton cloth or wipe and pat dry.
  • Let the skin breathe without a diaper on for a while. Many women cringe at the sound of this, but it will work wonders.
  • Change that diaper before putting your baby down for a nap or at night before they go to sleep.

Sometimes you can still do all of the above, and diaper rashes will still happen. For times like this, be sure to trust Sudocrem for all your diaper rash needs.