Suzy Shier Deals for Canada – Save 30-40% off Cold Weather Event

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Suzy Shier Deals for Canada 2018

Here’s the latest sales you can find at Suzy Shier.

  • Save 30-40% off Cold Weather Event

Valid In-Store and Online.

Shop Suzy Shier Canada

Suzy Shier Deals end date is unknown, available for a limited time only.

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Suzy Shier History: 

The first Suzy Shier clothing store opened back in the year of 1966 and  has continued to grow. There are over 190 clothing  stores across Canada, and spread out between British Columbia all the way to Nova Scotia.

Suzy Shier  is designed to cater to today’s young career women, and you will find a nice collection of career wear such as blazers, pants, blouses, sweaters, and all the basic fashion needs for weekend as well. Suzy shier also offer accessories, handbags, shoes and some great in season outwear at  affordable prices.

Save with their Loyalty Card:

 Suzy Shier Prestige card, Loyal Suzy shoppers are rewarded with 10% off all their purchases year round, plus special promotional offers, coupons and shopping events throughout the year! It’s definitely worth it if you shop there more than 2x a year is what I have figured out!  Check out if there’s any Suzy Shier Coupons right now! 

I love shopping at Suzy Shier especially when I had to dress up for work  or an event when I wanted to wear more than jeans and a shirt! I find their prices reasonable and I always seem to find a piece or two to add to my wardrobe! I still have the odd pc that I’ve managed to have past one or two seasons – which is fantastic!

Where’s your favorite places to shop for clothing?





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