TaylorFarms currently has savings for their salad kits with a Taylor Farms Coupon on their website.

The kit consists of several ingredients mixed in with lettuce and dressing, perfect for a quick and healthy meal!

Chopped salads are trendy, and there is a reason behind this: they’re delicious!

A chopped salad combines many different flavours to make a delicious dish that will satisfy anyone’s palette.

Taylor Farms Coupons

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    Prices of Taylor Farms Salads in Canada


    Real Canadian Superstore ( Western Canada)

    • Taylor FarmsGuacamole Crunch Chopped Salad Kit 319 g $4.98
    • Taylor Farms  Teryaki Saute Kt W Ndl 650G $6.98

    Stores to Purchase Talor Farms in Canada

    • IGA
    • Co-op
    • Real Canadian Superstore
    • Save on Foods
    • Longos
    • Valumart

    Chopped Salad Kits

    Salads are a great way to add more vegetables and fruit to your day-to-day diet. They provide you with many health benefits, such as vitamins and fibre that help keep you feeling full and satisfied. These kits are pre-packaged with just the right amount of lettuce, veggies, and ingredients, so they’re super easy to prepare. Just look for them in the salad section at your local supermarket!

    How can I make the bagged salad taste better?

    What is a salad kit? Some people mix the ingredients and put them in a bag. Then you open the packet and then eat it. You can also put some fresh herbs like basil or mint on it. You might want to add balsamic vinegar or croutons for some extra flavour!

    If I buy bagged salads every day, am I getting enough veggies?

    Yes, a bag of a salad may have two servings of vegetables. In addition, new research suggests that people who eat more fruits and vegetables are healthier since they give their bodies essential nutrients and protect themselves from chronic diseases by reducing inflammation.

    Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Season Growing

    British Columbia Growing Season of Fruits &Vegetables

    What are some tips on how to store the salads?

    You can keep the leftovers from a salad in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days. But you must use different containers if you have different types of vegetables so they will not get mouldy or go wrong.

    How do I know when my bagged salad has gone bad?

    If you open a salad box and find some wilted leaves, there is a good chance that the whole batch has been contaminated. You should not eat it anymore because it’s better to be safe than sorry.