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New The Doctor’s Nightguard printable coupon from our Smartsource portal. This is a high-value coupon.

  • Save $5.00 off dental protectors.

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The Doctor’s Nightguard

This product is highly effective in protecting your teeth from that horrible night-time grinding. If you suffer from this affliction, you are not alone.

I ended up with TMJ(tooth, mouth, and jaw) a few years back because of grinding my teeth at night. The pain associated with TMJ is unbearable. I was pregnant at the time and could not take any strong medication to help with the pain.

If someone had told me about The Doctor’s Nightguard back, then my life would’ve been so much easier. I know if the pain ever comes back again, I will be running out and purchasing this product immediately.

The product itself is straightforward to use. It is just a moldable plastic mouthguard, and you place it in your mouth. Your upper teeth fit perfectly and comfortably in it. The soft plastic prevents the upper teeth from grinding with the bottom teeth when you sleep at night.

A leading dentist in his field was the person who created The Doctor’s Nightguard, so you know it works.

It takes about 5 minutes to get the perfect fit.