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Homemade Stuffing


Homemade Stuffing is a must at family and holiday meals. There is something so comforting and warm about stuffing. You may have a family recipe, but don’t be afraid to try something modern. These recipes are all very different, so be sure to try them and find your new favourites!

10 Unique Homemade Stuffing Recipes


Cranberry Walnut Apple StuffingThe wonderful combination of cranberry and apple make this stuffing a delicious choice.


STUFFING WITH PARSLEY, SAGE, ROSEMARY AND THYME : Classic herbs are used to make this stuffing mouth-watering. This will be a family favourite in no time.


Cornbread DressingWhile not required, cooking this tasty cornbread in an iron skillet always makes the recipe come out perfectly.


Sausage and Cranberry Stuffing : The tang of cranberry mixed with the sweetness of sausage make this stuffing savoury and mouth-watering.


Crockpot Bacon and Cornbread StuffingUsing the slow cooker saves you some time and mess when you prepare this bacon and cornbread stuffing for your family.


Seafood StuffingIf your family loves seafood, and you want a side dish that is different, try this succulent seafood stuffing recipe.


Pumpkin Cornbread StuffingThis cornbread recipe is tasty while being low fat and low calorie.


Portuguese Stuffing : This zesty stuffing uses a Portuguese favourite, chorizo sausage, to spice up your meal.


Buttery Lobster Bacon StuffingThis stuffing is really different. It uses semolina bread, lobster and a buttery onion mixture. The flavour is amazing!


Sausage Stuffing: Sausage is used in many recipes for stuffing, but this one adds mushroom and chicken stock to enhance the seasonings.