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Weetabix – A Different Kind Of Cereal

When I first read that this brand had been around since 1932, I had to take a second glance to see if I had seen the date correctly. I had no idea that Weetabix had been around that long.

It all started in the United Kingdom and is now the leading British maker of cereal.

Available products

There are a wide variety of breakfast cereal products depending on your tastes;

Weetabix, Weetabix Organic, Alpen Original, Alpen No Sugar, No Salt, Alpen Apple-Raisin Chai, GrainShop, Original Puffins, Cinnamon Puffins, Peanut Butter Puffins, Barbara’s Bite-Size Shredded Oats, Barbara’s Multigrain Shredded Oats

Here is what you will find in a box;

  • high-quality grains
  • nutrients
  • vitamins
  • minerals

Here is what you WILL NOT find;

  •  trans-fats
  • artificial preservatives
  • I added colours or flavours.

Delicious AND nutritious recipes

You are looking for something that tastes great, but is it still good for you and your family? Well, you will find it at Weetabix.

How does Weetabix Brownies sound? This recipe will give you 8-12 brownies. I like to double up on the amount because these tend to go pretty quickly.