shreddies coupon, Shreddies Coupon for Canada – Savings Available (mailed coupon)

Shreddies Coupon for Canada.

  • Save $1.00 off any one box of Post Shreddies cereal.

This Shreddies coupon is available in Mail Format.

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Shreddies Morning Break

If you are looking for a little mid-morning snack without the added fat, why not try Shreddies Morning Break Snack Mix? This snack will fill you up and give you some extra nutrition between breakfast and lunch.

It’s not just a morning treat; however, feel free to snack any time of the day or night without the guilt.

The mix of chocolates and nuts is delicious and filling. Two things that all of us look to when we are looking for a snack.

It comes in other varieties like Harvest Mix as well.

 Shreddies Nutrition

This cereal is packed with nutritional goodness. With each spoonful, you can expect a bunch of vitamins and minerals and not expect added salt, sugar, or artificial ingredients.

If you are looking for the Nutritional Content or other ingredient information on Shreddies products, be sure to visit Post Canada’s webpage for all vital information regarding this matter.

Shreddies Recipes 

Find delicious, wholesome and nutritious recipes using Shreddies products. Easy to prepare and oh so fun to eat. I’m sure even the pickiest of eaters will jump for joy when you serve some of these dishes.