Be Patient!!

Couponing can be a new concept for some beginner cashiers – Here’s a look at what Cashiers Coupons Questions and Inspection will look like!


How does it work? What should I do with this? It can take a little longer than normal but go with it!

When you give your cashier a stack of coupons- They may stand there, staring at them or ask you a million questions about how it works! But sometimes they would rather have someone show them what to do so they trust how it’s done and can save everyone time.

Coupons have been a popular way of getting a discount since 2009 in the online age of getting manufactured coupons, and most cashiers are trained in dealing printable coupons, for the most part.

So, what are coupons?

They’re little pieces of paper that have value. Some can be used once, while others give discounts for your entire shopping trip! There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of saving money by using coupons.

How do I know which store will accept my coupons?

Most major grocery store chains accept Coupons; there will always be the odd case in local communities where the store may not accept printed coupons. Overall, check the grocery store’s coupon policy to find out about coupons they take. In this case, you will have to try another store location to see if your voucher can be accepted.

A Cashiers Coupon Inspection

Walking up to a cashier with a handful of coupons can be intimidating, especially when scrutinizing each coupon. But it’s their job. They need to ensure everything is correct, or your coupons are deducted from the total.

Common Problems with Printable Coupons-

*Offer not printing correctly *Coupon says one per transaction, yet it’s a multiple purchase offer *Stacking offers together is not allowed; coupons are in french, free product coupons, etc.

Many local stores do not accept Printed coupons regardless of their central corporate coupon policy. In this case, you can ask to speak to the manager and see if you can better understand why they don’t use their central coupon policy.

Same Coupons

You can not use doubles of a coupon for one Product; Canadian grocery stores don’t generally allow stacking of coupons

.Printed Coupons and Fraud

In the past, especially during the coupon craze in 2009 and 20210, many people created fake coupons and used them for Free Products.

Printed Coupons – FREE product Coupons

Some store policies will allow printed coupons as long as they are not Free product coupons.

About Online Coupons – Manufacturer

Let them know in advance what you’re buying and how many copies of each coupon you have – That way, they can be ready for when that Product rings up!

Your cashier may not have had intensive training on coupons, so They may be nervous and may inspect and even call their supervisor!

But don’t sweat it! They all need to learn how to enter it into their computerized till accurately. When they read every word of your coupon – Here’s what they are looking at.

Coupon details Limit 1 per coupon

The Coupon Picture:

In a perfect world, you will have the exact Product in the picture – the same colour, scent, etc. But you may have something the same but different. It’s not an issue. But it’s the first glance of what the cashier looks at visually.

The coupon itself:

*Offer Expiration Date- 90% of coupons have an expiration date, but believe it or not, sometimes it’s a year away.

*Manufacturers name, description of the Product or what you are purchasing *If this coupon is accepted in more than one store *Size/Quantity allowed for purchase *Any exclusions that apply to the coupon (i.e. no double discounts)

*Is it a full-price item? Yes, or No There may be other factors on your coupons that can alter whether they can accept them. It does take time for them to look through.

Coupon Details:

Does the coupon state a specific size? Certain scent? Or is it a Buy 1 Get 1 Free? Etc. The cashier needs to ensure you have the correct coupon for your Product.

The writing on many coupons is small – so it may take some time to read the coupon- They may even squint and look upset. But be patient with your cashier – They may be new or even nervous!

Can’t accept this coupon because the item is already on sale/deal

A common problem with Cashiers is the thought that a coupon can not be used for an item that is on sale, and part of that is the wording on some coupons; do your best to explain the terms and how they are perceived across the coupon community, is the best you can do.

“Any other Deal” usually means not using two coupons on a single item.

Can’t accept Coupon: One Coupon Per Purchase.

This one stumps a lot of cashiers, a Purchase is an item, but a transaction is the full grocery cart. But explain the coupon example. Tell the cashier that the “any other deal…” is any other coupon.

I can’t accept a Coupon because it’s in French.

Many Canadians don’t speak or read French, so that they won’t understand the coupon; besides the picture, You can choose to argue about the fact Canada is a bilingual country, or you can pull up on your phone what the details say in English for them to understand on the fine print.

Show them some love and support.

Be prepared yourself when you go shopping with coupons. If possible, bring several stacks of coupons with you so it doesn’t slow down the line too much for other people waiting behind you. You can also help speed things up by double-checking that all of your items ring up correctly before it’s scanned through at the register!

Remember, don’t get mad at a cashier if something special about this coupon isn’t understood!! Instead, ask nicely and calmly what you could do to correct it and show them where on the coupon etc.

Coupon Details - expiry date, redemption, canadian redemption address

Coupon Expiry Date:

Every coupon has an expiry date – They need to ensure their store can submit it to the address listed on the coupon itself.

When you can see your cashier is having problems – let them know that the coupon expires in X months/days, and then show them where the expiry date is.

Coupon Redemption address

Every coupon needs to have a redemption address. The cashier must be able to read that it has a Canadian address to submit to. Canada stores can NOT redeem to a USA address. Barcodes:

All barcodes approved by Coupon Connections Canada must be printed on your coupons.

Tips to Help you Use Coupons at Checkout

If you get upset, HOLD YOUR TONGUE – Do not scream or yell at your cashier. It won’t help you, or they do their job better!

How you can help your cashier while you checkout.

Put Coupons on top of the Product.

Put Coupons you use at checkout on top. It will help your cashier to get through the check out faster. Don’t put them all in the bottom of the cart – it may get skipped over.

Let’s help our cashiers do their jobs and be more efficient while we shop!! Make their day more accessible, and they will appreciate it! Let’s all win together 🙂

These suggestions can apply to other stores that accept coupons, too – So let’s make this an excellent experience for everyone when we use them, don’t show it on our faces when things go wrong.

Add the Coupons on top of the Product you are couponing

Cashiers are very busy people- The more time they spend looking to see if your coupon matches the Product, the longer the line behind you gets! Instead, place the coupon on top of the Product you want a discount on, which gives into an envelope or coupon organizer and explains why this is done if needed. saving money is easy with Coupons

Make their Day – Give your Cashier Coupons you can spare

Every cashier has a bad day/week/month etc., every once in a while! Let’s help them feel like the job isn’t something they dread. It doesn’t take much, but it can be a HUGE difference for that person and reflects well on how others view coupons that may have negative opinions about us. So if you have a few doubles of coupons, Make their day and share coupon savings with them.

Scroll the checkout line and pick someone you think you feel comfortable with. Young or old: Some professional couponers prefer a younger cashier to help them.

Highlight Your Coupons and Coupon Deals

Take a few minutes and highlight your coupons:

Coupons should be presented to the cashier in an easily understandable way. This saves time at checkout and makes it easier for the cashier to help you quickly. Highlighting Your Coupons shows them all the critical information they need, such as coupon value, expiry date, redemption address etc. If you take this extra step – It will make things go faster and smoother for everyone!