, What Cashiers Look for in Coupons



A Cashiers Inspection of a coupon

Walking up to a cashier with a handful of coupons can be intimidating, especially when they scrutinize each coupon. But it’s their job.

Your cashier may not have had intensive training on coupons, so He/She may be nervous, and may inspect and even call their supervisor!

But don’t sweat it! They all need to learn how to enter it into their computerized till accurately.

When they read every word of your coupon – Here’s what they are looking at.

, What Cashiers Look for in Coupons

The Coupon Picture:

In a perfect world – You will have the exact product in the picture – same colour, same scent etc. But you may have something the same but different.  It’s not an issue. But it’s the first glance of what the cashier looks at visually.

Coupon Details:

Does the coupon state for a specific size? Certain scent? Or is it a Buy 1 Get 1 Free? Etc. The cashier needs to make sure you have the correct coupon for your product.

The writing on many coupons are small – so it may take some time to read the coupon- She/He may even squint and look upset.

, What Cashiers Look for in Coupons

Coupon Expiry Date: 

Every coupon has an expiry date – They need to make sure their store can submit the coupon to the address listed on the coupon itself.

Coupon Redemption address

Every coupon needs to have a redemption address. The cashier must be able to read that it has a Canadian address to submit to. Canada stores can NOT redeem to a USA address.

Tips to Help you Use Coupons at Checkout

How you can help your cashier while you checkout.

Put Coupons on top on Products:

I always put my coupon on top of the product I’m using it for, and I tend to try and put them last or first in line.  This allows them to know which coupons for which products, especially if you have a bunch.

Find a Friendly Cashier

Scroll the checkout line and pick someone you think you will feel comfortable with. Young or old: Some professional couponers prefer a younger cashier to help them along.

Don’t be afraid to ask!

Simply ask the cashier if they are familiar with coupons. If they are not, then you will have a choice of letting them try, or they will comfort you with the word “Yes.”

Highlight Your Coupons

If the expiry date is hard to find – feel free to Highlight it: A Cashier may even thank you for it.


, What Cashiers Look for in Coupons