9 Reasons Not to Large Stockpile Items |

9 Reasons Not to Large Stockpile Items |



9 Reasons Not to Large Stockpile with Coupons

1. Room. It does take the room to stockpile.  You need to find space to put it all into.

Alternative: You can use closet space, under sinks, pantry, etc.

2. Money on shelving. It does cost money for shelving. At $20 per shelf – That is $20 out of your pocket, and for each shelf, you buy, that’s more money you have spent and not saved.

Alternative: Find second-hand shelving.

3 Expiry Dates: You need to constantly organize your stockpile for expiry dates.

4. Cost Factor of Creating a Stockpile.  It does cost money to stockpile.  Buying 12 laundry soap at one good deal is going to cost you money.

5. Buy More than you will use.  This is a problem with Stockpiles, is judging just how much you go through 1 item. The example even deodorant expires.  And If you purchase 24 of them, thinking your husband will use that many in say 1 year, and then you find out he actually only uses 8 per year. And you end up throwing away 16.

That’s money you thought you saved, but in reality, at the end of the year you are throwing out money because you miscalculated the use of the product.

6. There’s always a coupon and there’s always a deal.   – The coupon value and product may vary, but there’s always a sale. Yes, some sales are better than others. But generally, there’s always a deal to be found. Each product has a sale cycle, and once you learn your grocery price list, you’ll soon realize when to purchase.

7. Near Empty Shelves, Will produce the need to buy more.   You have an empty shelf, and you may feel the need to fill it.  Your stockpile of “Fantastik” has dwindled down to 8 from 24.  You will then think you need to purchase more of this product.  But in reality, you could wait another 6 months to purchase, and still have lots.

I love Cheetah’s version on her Stockpile: She has a rule of thumb. It’s 12.   She has everything at 12.  When she gets down to 3 of that item, she starts to watch her sales and then starts to restock that item to the number 12. 

8: Viewed as Hoarding:  We’ve all watched an Extreme Couponing video at least once, and you can’t help but view some of them as Hoarding. Who needs 1000 tubes of toothpaste? Not every stockpile is hoarding, but some extreme ones are.

9: Buy things you wouldn’t normally purchase: Every Couponer is guilty of this one at some point.  Example for me Glade Candles. I never was a candle user, but I had some fantastic coupons, and there was a great deal on them.  Now I have over 12 candles, and I rarely burn them. So, in reality, I probably would have saved more money and turned down the deal.  I need to remind myself to use them.  Now with Christmas coming up, I think I’ll give them away in Christmas baskets and other fundraisers.