If you love Slim Jim meat on a stick, you will fall in love with the latest savings opportunity.

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Slim Jim Coupons

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Note: 24 PC of Slim Jims will run approximately $24.00 – $27.00  at Regular Prices.


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    Slim Jims come in 3 different flavours: Orginal Mild and Hot AF.

    Original: If you’re a meat stick fan, these are for your beefy appetites. With plenty of savoury smoked flavours and that satisfying chewiness on every bite – it’s hard not to be satisfied!

    Slim Jim® Mild is the mellower sibling of SlimJim Original, but don’t let its name fool you. This snack has enough bold kick and protein punch to send your hunger heading for the hills!

    HOT AF : People take notice when we say these spicy meat sticks are fire. The name tells them that this isn’t just any run-of-the-mill food, and it’s not for those who need their taste buds calibrated or want something milder to enjoy on such occasions as Christmas Eve dinner with friends & family! These bold spices will make your mouth water (in more ways than one) while savouring every bite into glorious submission–and there is no gain without pain because what comes out must be delicious right? So go ahead: stamps approval rating.