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About Agropur

  • Mission 
    • To develop brands of dairy that consumers will enjoy
  • Become a #1 Supplier

Agropur has been around since  the 1930s, In Quebec.

This year:2017  Agropur Cooperative and Agrifoods International Cooperative Ltd. – two of Canada’s leading dairy cooperatives – Agropur will become the sole owner of Ultima Foods Inc.


Some of their Product Line 

  • Greek Olympic:
  • IÖGO Smoothie
  • Natrel Milk Bar by Java U
  • La Crème des champs
  • Le Connaisseur
  • Natrel lactose-free milk,
  • Natrel iced coffee
  • OKA cheese fondue


this is a culinary adventure featuring 100 % Canadian dairy products.Watch for it in your local grocery stores. It is also 30 delicious recipes that will allow you to enjoy every moment of the day.


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