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15 Ways to Use Tea Bags ( Alokozay Tea) 

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Where to Purchase Alokozay Tea

  • Walmart
  • No Frills ( Ontario)
  • Loblaws (  Ontario)
  • Food Basics
  • Metro ( Ontario)

About Alokozay Tea

Tea was founded in 2003 – They are a new Company

Alokozay tea comprises a variety of black, green, flavoured and herbal teas. Each one is unique in taste and aroma.

They choose the youngest and tender leaves to produce the highest quality of tea. The tea leaves are exclusively sourced and packaged. The tea plantations are growing in India, China, Kenya, and Vietnam.

Their Head office was in Mississauga Ontario, but now in 2020, it seems to be in Dubai and has expanded to a large company

Health Benefits From Drinking Tea

Great for teeth:

Natural sources of fluoride and drinking 3-4 cups per day can help with your natural fluoride intake.

Green Tea Increases metabolism

Lots of research has been done to indicate green tea raises metabolism and helps speed up fat oxidation, and helps facilitate calorie burning.

Boosts mental alertness
The amino acid L-theanine found exclusively in tea plants helps with the neuro system and increases brain waves.

Boosts immune system
Theanine found in tea can help the body’s immune system when drank. Studies show that regular tea drinkers have a higher production of antibacterial protein.

Lowers stress hormone levels

According to Researchers Drinking, black tea helps lower stress hormone levels because it increases your blood platelet activation, reducing the risk of heart attacks.

Reduces stroke risk
Research shows drinking three or more cups of tea per day can help lower the risk of stroke by 21%.

Reduces cancer risk

Research suggests that drinking one cup of black tea can help protect against cardiovascular disease, and depending on the dose of tea can help improve blood vessels.

Treats bacterial and fungal infections

Studies have shown that white tea extracts are an effective way of treating bacterial infections.