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New at Websaver – I’m like WOW – this is a great coupon – Cause like this “SHIT” is expensive – and I have purchased lots of these products! So I’m pretty excited to show you!

  • Save $5.00 off any Atkins® Protein Bar, Snack Bar or Treat 5-pack or RTD Shake 4-pack

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About Atkins!

The Atkins – low carb diet started back in the 1960s and has come back to life several times over the last 50 years in different forms – In 2015 a version of a low carb diet is the Keto diet – but If I remember correctly its a bit more strict in some senses.

The Atkins diet is based on NO sugar and No flour for the majority of its part – and has 5 Stages of eating.

Just this past winter, my sister lost 40 pounds doing Atkins – and I’ve lost over 15 years 40 pounds a few times. But like every diet, it is hard to stay on a path all the time. But for me – I learned a lot about eating and overall health in the last ten years. I go to the gym – I learned to spend 4 hours per day could not out-train a bad diet – And I learned 80% of weight loss is diet.  I also learned a lot about my hormones and what I need to do to keep my weight loss.  But now I’m getting off-topic – I literally could have written a whole blog about my weight loss journey – the winning and the losing battle. Weight Loss is tough