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Band-Aid Savings for Canada

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Prices of Band-Aids

Walmart Canada has Cartoon 25pk of Band-Aids for a Regular price of $3.17


The Band-Aid was invented in 1920  by an employee’s wife from Johnson & Johnson, and the prototype allowed her to dress her wounds.

Sold in packs of 15 for about  2 cents and weren’t very popular as they were homemade. By 1924 a machine produced sterilized Band-Aids, and in world war II, they were being shipped overseas.

In 1951, Johnson began decorating their band Aids were introduced, and they continue today with a variety of characters.

Product Lines

  • Plastic Bandages
  • Fabric Bandages
  • Waterproof Bandages
  • Bandages Just for Kids
  • Cleanse Cuts, Scrapes & Wounds
  • Variety Pack of Bandages
  • Shopping List
  • Advanced Protection Bandages


Band-aid brand products were created way back in 1920 and have become a household name in adhesive bandages. The Band-Aid has now grown a part of regular vernacular from humble beginnings when one refers to most adhesive bandage, and they call it a Band-Aid.

The company is under the Johnson and Johnson umbrella and was created by a man trying to help his wife cover her various wounds. She would regularly scald, cut and otherwise hurt herself around the home, and he wanted to help her out. Because the product was mostly homemade, it was not initially trendy.

By 1951, however, that had changed. The brand was so established that they began putting cartoon characters on the brand to help bring the younger kids some comfort. Band-Aid is sold globally and is the gold standard in adhesive bandages and wound care.