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     Elastoplast Canada

    If you have not heard of this brand yet, now would be an excellent time to continue reading.

    First aid products at it’s finest.

    Not just your regular bandaid. Many innovative products suit specific injuries or wounds.


    Fast Healing – heals those wounds up to 50% faster than the competitors. Waterproof bandages that are thin and flexible. It also helps prevent scarring.

    Blisters – we’ve all had them at one point or another: the itchy and disgusting feel. You want to pop it, but you know that you will suffer a world of hurt when you do.

    Here you will find tips, tricks, and products to get rid of those horrible blisters and go about your day.

    A blister arises when your skin is constantly rubbed or pressure is continuously applied. Did you know that an open blister can quickly become infected?

    NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER break a blister. Leave it intact. Apply an Elastoplast Blister Bandage. The bandage will help stop your shoes from applying additional pressure, protect the thin layer of skin that is holding the liquid inside, or, if the blister is broken, will protect it from bacteria that cause infection.

    As soon as you feel a blister coming, apply the bandage immediately.

    Invisible Protection

    Some people do not want to go around sporting a bandage. If you feel you need to hide the injury and don’t want to announce it to the world, you should try the Elastoplast Invisible Protection Products. These are also flexible and waterproof but are 100% invisible.

    Check out these and the many other first aid products that this brand offers. You won’t be sorry.