What is Canadian Tire?

Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited is a beloved Canadian retail company offering many unique products, including automotive, home, and leisure items. Established in 1922, the corporation has over 500 stores plum full of tires, sporting goods, housewares, shoes, tools, hardware, and home improvement products. They also provide fantastic financial services, including credit and sweet loyalty programs.

What is the Canadian Tire Return Policy?

Great news! You can return in-store or online items within 90 days of purchase, provided you have a valid receipt. The item must be unused, with all original tags attached, and in original condition. Refunds will be issued according to the payment method or in cash if you return it in-store.


Canadian Tire Return policy

Understanding the Return Policy

Who can return items to Canadian Tire?

Great news! If you bought the item from any Canadian Tire store, you can return it to any other location. And the best part? You’ll get a refund! All you need is the original receipt or an electronic invoice for proof of purchase, plus the item in its original, unused condition with all tags attached. The refund will be based on your payment method at the time of sale. Happy shopping!

What items are not eligible for return?

Please remember that they cannot accept certain items to ensure a smooth return process. These include clearance items, opened or used oil/chemicals, special orders, and anything marked “non-refundable” on your receipt. Additionally, don’t forget that an ID may be necessary when bringing back electronics or power tools.


What types of items are eligible for return?

Items purchased from Canadian Tire stores that are in their original condition, unused, and with all tags attached are eligible for return.

This includes tires, automotive accessories, sporting goods, tools, and hardware, clothing and footwear, housewares, and home improvement items.

Certain restrictions may apply to electronics and power tools requiring a valid ID to return.

How long do you have to return an item t?

You have 90 days from the date of purchase to return any item purchased from a store.

You must keep your receipt when you buy something. The item must be in the same condition as when you purchased it, not used, and still have all its tags. You can get your money back the same way you paid.

What methods of payment can be used when returning items to Canadian Tire?

CT offers refunds to customers who return items. If you return an item to a physical store, you can receive the rebate as either cash or a credit back to your original payment method.

Is there a specific address for returning items?

Yes, Canadian Tire has a different address for returning items. Customers can return items to any Canadian Tire store, or they can mail their returns directly to the Return Centre at:

Canadian Tire Returns Centre

5180 Yonge Street

Toronto ON M2N 6M4

Customers must include the original receipt to return items by mail and ensure all products are in original, unused condition with all tags attached. Additionally, customers should indicate in a note inside the package whether they would prefer a refund or an exchange.

Recipt for Canadian tire

Return Process at Canadian Tire

Do I need proof of purchase (receipt or gift card)?

When returning items to Canadian Tire, customers must show proof of purchase. This could be a receipt or gift card. You can only get an exchange or credit for the item without these things.

How do I initiate a return with Canadian Tire Customer Service?

Initiating a return with Canadian Tire Customer Service is simple. Customers can contact Customer Service by phone at 1-866-746-7287 or by email at customerservice@canadiantire.ca. Customers should have their original receipt or electronic invoice when contacting customer service.

Advantages of the Return Policy

Is there a generous time frame for returns at Canadian Tire?

Canadian Tire allows customers to return any item purchased from a CT store or online within 90 days from the date of purchase. This offers ample time for trying out products and deciding whether to keep them, providing customers with the assurance that defective items can be returned within a reasonable time frame.

Does Canadian Tire offer a day-return policy on certain items?

Canadian Tire has a day-return policy for specific items. Eligible items under this policy include sporting goods, tools and hardware, clothing and footwear, housewares, home improvement items, and automotive accessories. Customers have 30 days from the purchase date to return the items in their original condition with all tags attached.

Disadvantages of the Return Policy

Canadian Tire’s return policy has a significant drawback: the requirement of a valid receipt or gift card for returning items. This could pose challenges for customers who have misplaced their proof of purchase, as they won’t be able to get an exchange or merchandise credit without the required documents. The return policy also restricts certain items, such as opened CDs, DVDs, software, and special orders, which are not eligible for refund, business, or day-return policy.

Are There Exceptions to the Return Policy?

Certain items are not eligible for a refund, exchange, or day-return policy. These items include most Consumer Electronics such as opened CDs, memory cards, Satellite Radio, DVDs, software, hockey cards, and special order items. Customers must always provide proof of purchase when returning items. This can be in the form of a valid receipt or gift card. Any item returned will only be eligible for an exchange or merchandise credit without a valid receipt or gift card.

What Are the Refund Options Offered by Canadian Tire?

Customers can receive either a full refund or an exchange. If customers want a full refund, they must include the original receipt and indicate that they wish a refund in the package. Customers looking to exchange an item must consist of the original receipt and show they want an exchange in the box. Customers can also receive merchandise credit without a receipt or gift card.