Co-Op Contest – Win a Ford Explorer, $100,000 CASH, Can-Am ATV, Trips and More

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Co-op Contest for Canada.

“Fuel up to Win 2018” Contest.

Win a Ford Explorer, $100,000 CASH, Can-Am ATV, Trips and More.

Find a full list of All the prizes available to be won, in the official rules.

Obtain one (1) Game Ticket from any cashier or authorized personnel every time you make a qualifying purchase transaction at a Participating Retail Co-op while supplies last.

There are three ways to play:

  1. Instant Win – total of 2,374,440 Instant Win Prizes available to be won and 2,662,550 Instant Discounts available to be received
  2. Collect to Win
  3. Online Win with Pin Code

No purchase entry option – You can obtain a Game Ticket without making a purchase by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to “Fuel up to Win Ticket Request


  • Open to AB, BC, SK, MB, ON, and NWT
  • Age of majority
  • Various entries available

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This contest ends on April 19, 2018

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About Co-op Western

Co-op Western is found in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan. You can generally find these locations in most towns and sometimes a few locations in larger cities. Most Co-op’s are locally owned. Many Co-op’s have Rewards for members with their club card! You can save on gas, groceries, and sometimes get a cheque at the end of the year depending on the system your local Co-op uses.



  1. Have always loved the Co-Op experience. My hometown of Orono, ON has still a very active and vibrant Co-Op where I shopped about a year ago and is still only 2hour drive from me here in Kingston, ON. As well, I believe Warkworth,ON and Madoc,ON both have operating Co-ops and stores (even closer to my loxation.). Would really help out with spring cleaning just around the corner and I am more than willing to drive if lucky enough to be the winner of this contest.

  2. The money woukd help us out alot to travel to cancer clinic and hospital. My husband has leukemia cancer of the bones and stomach. With him.nit being able to work the last year and it coming back and spreading it would really help us.

  3. Could use the gas money to travel to cancer clinic and hospital for my husband. He has leukemia cancer of the bones and stomach. With him not working the gas would sure help out.

  4. Char,
    You will not be disqualified for sharing more than once. Please ensure you click the link to complete your entry in the contest.

  5. So if I have already shared post on FB and came to this site and says share and if I do I will be disqualified?

  6. Stcy,
    The contest posted today, does allow entry from Northwest Ontario.
    Please contact Co-op, the contest sponsor if you have any other inquiries regarding the rules of their contest.


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