Well, finally, a coupon I’ll use! I hope this one sticks around! A Fairlife Coupon!

Did you know Coke makes Fairlife?  Weird huh!

The premium, ultrafiltered milk – has 50% less sugar and 50% more protein than regular milk!

It’s now made by a local team in Peterborough, Ontario, and fully supplied by Canadian dairy farmers.

What is Fairlife

It is a Lactose-Free Milk  – that has extra protein in it.  My husband is lactose intolerant, and this is the only thing we have found that he enjoys and that he can handle!

you can find 1.5L bottles of Fairlife 2% White, 2% Chocolate, Whole and Skim at most grocery stores across Canada.

What Does Ultrafiltered mean?
It means the milk is filtered many times to concentrate filtering out sugars and increase the protein.

Yes! the filtration process removes most of the lactose naturally found in milk. Then they add a lactase enzyme to convert any remaining lactose into lactose-free.

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Fairlife Milk

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    Here in Alberta, I know it’s rarely on sale and usually spend $5.99 at No Frills, and if on sale, the price has been $4.99 lately.