Finish Mail in Rebate for Canada – Get FREE Products

Finish Mail in Rebate Offers for Canada 2018.

  • TRY IT FREE There is a new mail in Rebate offer in specially marked package of FINISH detergent. Any Quantum Max or Quantum Max lemon (45ct to 64ct)

*with mail-in rebate purchase Product and receive Money back by mail.

Complete the mail-in form, attach the original dated detailed cash register receipt from where you purchased the product, with the purchase price circled, and the UPC hand written on receipt.


  • Valid in Canada only
  • One Rebate per household
  • Can not be combined with any other offer
  • Purchase Date Must be made before October 1, 2019
  • Must be mailed in by November 1, 2019

Must find Specially Marked Packages

Finish Products can be found in your local grocery in the cleaning aisle.

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Finish Diswasher tabs

Do you use Finish Dishwasher Tabs? or Jet Dry? I personally use the Jet Dry all the time!  I am not a huge fan of the tabs for any brand in specific, so I’ll use what is on sale – I am not brand orientated at all when it comes to Dishwasher tabs – probably because I rarely use my dishwasher since I practically have to wash the dishes before putting them into the dishwasher – so I get a little upset everytime I attempt to use the dishwasher because of it!




  1. I never hand wrote the upc code and they returned my submission however in their letter that said i can resubmit by Jan 5th and write the upc code on it however i dont know the upc code anyone?

  2. 2018 is for this year – It’s just our way of letting you know that this rebate came out in 2018.

    Just be on the lookout for specifically marked Finish packaging for the rebate.

  3. your rebate coupon says for 2018 but when you look at the applicable dates to purchase and send in they say 2019. Can you clarify for me as I love your product


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