Finish Rebate – Get 50% Back in Gift Cards

Finish Rebate : Get 50% back in Amazon Gift Cards

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Finish Rebate Offers for Canada 2020.

Now is your chance in the year 2020 to get a Rebate offer on a product you may already use, Finish dishwasher tabs! So handy no mess, and many people love Finish dishwasher products, so now is your chance to get a Rebate on the product you may already like.

The Rebate: Get Back 50% on an E gift Card.

How to Get Rebate

  1. Join Shopper Army if you have not already
  2. Go to Missions and scroll down to find an offer, or visit the link below.
  3. You will be required to purchase the eligible Finish dishwasher products listed on their offer page.
  4. Upload your receipt on their offer page
  5. Once validated, you will receive a 50% rebate via an Amazon gift card within two weeks.

Click Here to Get Started 


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Finish Dishwasher tabs

Do you use Finish Dishwasher Tabs? Or Jet-Dry?

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Finish Rebate : Get 50% back in Amazon Gift Cards


  1. The Finish Rebate mailing address is NEW BRUNSWICK not ONTARIO (all other info above is correct). 🙂

  2. Printed out my FINISH 2019 REBATE OFFER and the mail to: information is very blurry. Could you please send me the mail to info. So far I have FINISH 2019 REBATE OFFER
    P.O. BOX (this information I need)
    E2L 5E7 (please confirm this is correct)

    Thank you


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