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Flintstone Canada has the following Free Stuff for your child to do and play!

Flintstone Freebies

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Flintstone Canada Freebies |

About the Characters:

Fred Flintstone:  He is the main character of the series. Fred is a very accident-prone guy; he has a temper but is a loving father and husband. He loves to bowl and works as a Bronto crane operator.

Wilma Flintstone: She is Fred’s Wife. She’s more level-headed than Fred and seems to be smarter. She does have a habit of spending money. You will hear her say ‘Charge It” a lot during the cartoons.

Pebbles Flintstone – Is a baby and does cute things; she has red hair like her mother, Wilma.

Pets of the Flintstones:

Dino the dinosaur:  is the Flintstones pet dinosaur and acts like a dog and constantly knocks down Fred when he comes home because he’s so happy to see him.

Puss – The Pet cat.  You will see him toss out Fred at the end of the credits of each episode.

The Rubbles

Barney Rubbles: Are Fred’s Best Friend and Next door neighbour. He’s the second main character. Barney is a nice guy for the most part and is level-headed.

Betty Rubbles: Barney’s Wife and Wilma’s best friend.

Bamm – is Barney’s and Betty’s son.