Free Jackbox Game


Drawful 2 Game Giveaway

Jackbox Games is allowing Players to Play for FREE on a few Devices for the Game Drawful 2.

It’s a game where you begin to draw something, and other Gamers try and guess what you are drawing.

Jackbox is trying its best to help keep people in contact with each other while social distancing.

This Game can be found on the following Devices:

  • Steam store (Windows/Mac/Linux),
  • Xbox One,
  • Apple TV.

See The Offer

Also, you can purchase Drawful2 for 99% off in the Nintendo eShop for Switch in the USA.

Need to know how to play this game? See their How to Game Tutorial 

Free Game offer while it lasts.

About Jack Games

They are a small software company based in Chigaco and have been creating part games since 1995. Some of their Bigger Well known Games include Trivia Murder Party, Quiplash and Fibbage.

In 2014 this software firm released Party Games, where friends can play together on their phone (No Application needed)

How Does Jack Games Work?

Well, Each player needs a phone or an online device to use as a controller, pull up your Jackbox. Tv on your browser and enter the room code to play along.

Most games are designed for up to 8 players! And They even allow an audience to attend the games.