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Nielsen Homescan program is accepting new members!

If you haven’t heard about the Nielsen Homescan program, it’s a very popular rewards program, that has been about since 1996. Once you are a member, they will send you a scanner (the kind you see in stores, that scans barcodes). You scan the barcodes of everything you buy, and you get points. You Can then redeem your points for gift cards, and other goodies, like a digital video camera, TV’s, stereo systems, GPS’ and MORE!

Note: This program is not open to resident of Newfoundland (sorry)

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Nielsen Corporation was founded in 1923 in Chicago, Illinois by Arthur C. Nielsen. As a way to find out what consumers want, and to help marketers develop new products, and packaging.

In 1939 Nielsen expanded they expanded internationally, and now serve over 100 countries worldwide!

As soon as the internet became popular, and home computers started making their way into homes in 1996. Nielsen developed their reward program, where you sign up, and if you qualify for any of their current demographics they will send you a home scanner. You used the scanner to scan all of the barcodes on the products you buy and complete surveys, for points. You then redeem the points for prizes, such as gift cards, the latest electronics and more.

Nielsen HomeScan Consumer Panel Positives & Negatives

There’s always good with the bad. And there are tons of consumer reviews found for both sides of the fence.

Over the last 10 years, they have upgraded the scanning equipment making it easier to scan things.

Reviews from the Positive  Sides:

  • Free to Join
  • The scanner is shipped to and from your house ( Including returns)
  • The program is easy to understand
  • Opt out of the program at any time
  • An hour per  work is once per week
  • Able to acquire rewards in

Reviews from the Negative Sides:

  • You only get paid in rewards – No cash
  • Scanning items take up precious time
  • Long waiting list before getting accepted.
  • Rewards aren’t’ worth the time it takes to scan purchases.

It may not be a good fit for everyone – and I’m sure there could be improvements – There’s no such thing as FREE Easy money.  We all give up to time for money in our day to day grind of a job.

It’s a legit company – it just boils down to how much is your time valued.

Who can Join?

Anyone over the age of 19 in Canada can sign up for a free application, but they also target certain demographics across Canada –  Sometimes they have met the limit of scanners in your area, and may not have openings for your purchasing habits in your original survey or perhaps you don’t fit the age demographics they are currently looking for.

How To Join Nielsen HomeScan Consumer Panel

Joining the  Consumer Panel is easy!

Simply visit their signup page and fill out the basic questionnaire

The Survey will either stop at some Point and won’t let you finish – or you will be signed up right away. Don’t worry if you are not accepted on the spot – sometimes they will email you with an opening in a few weeks down the road.

How To Earn Points and Get Rewards

Here is a basic run through on how to earn points. There are some Videos on the signup page that will go through the full points and rewards program with you.

Scan for Points

Simply use the scanner to scan all of your purchases, You will be required to scan and enter your scan information once per week.

Scanning will give you automatic points each week.

Earn Points with Surveys
Surveys are a great way of being a panellist.  The more you participate in surveys, the more points and contest entries you can enter.

Earn Points with  Studies
From time to time Nielson looks for people to participate in Studies, and if chosen you can be rewarded for time with rewards, and more entries.

Nielsen HomeScan Rewards

Nielson has a whole gift catalogue. There are lots of different rewards, and you can choose to redeem at a smaller reward or save up for larger rewards.

Contest prizes include extra points, cash and gift cards, prepaid visas and more.



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  1. apparently I answered a question wrong because they are accepting applicants right now. The little bar that shows your progress was at the beginning and then I gave an answer they didn’t like and all of a sudden the bar was full and they aren’t taking new applicants. Bullshit! you were until I gave an answer that you didn’t like. You can pick who you want tho,I am just disappointed that I didn’t qualify.Don’t say you only have one adult child living at home.They want families with a lot of kids is what I am getting from the way the questionaire went.

  2. Hi my name is Stephane.
    I have scanning experience.
    I worked in inventory for 10 years.
    I like the program you have.


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