Nielsen Homescan program is accepting new members!


Have you ever wanted a say in what products make it onto the shelves of your favourite stores?

Now you can join NielsenIQ Homescan Consumer Panel. By signing up and using their provided scanner to scan your grocery receipts, Nielsen will use the information collected to gather market research and shape decisions made by major brands and retailers. Not only that, you can earn rewards just for scanning your everyday purchases.

Nielsen’s panel has been utilized globally for over 30 years, and now Canadians have the chance to join in on the action and make a real impact on consumer markets. So why not sign up and start earning rewards today? It’s a convenient way to influence the products available to us as consumers while also earning back some cash. It’s truly a win-win situation.


Nielsen Homescan Canada

Nielsen Homescan Canada is a market research program that allows NielsenIQ to gather information on consumer trends and buying habits. As a member, you will use a handheld scanner called the Homescan device to scan your purchases at grocery stores and online retailers. Nielsen then uses this data to help major brands understand what products are selling and where they’re being purchased, shaping their future decisions and strategies.

How to join Neison

How to Sign up for Nielsen Homescan

To join, prospective members simply need to visit NielsenIQ Homescan’s website and complete the online form. Nielsen then adds them to a waitlist and contacts them directly when they can start participating in surveys and scans. Prospective members should hear back soon, but the potential benefits are worth the wait.

If selected, you will receive a handheld scanner to scan all the barcodes on your products. Now they also have a mobile app that you can use as well. After you do your first scan in the program, you will get bonus points!

All the information inputted into the scanner will be transmitted to the NielsenIQ Homescan program. You will see a complete transaction message once it is completed.

You then can receive points for each transmission into the scanner.

Homescan rewards

Nielsen Homescan Bonus Rewards

Participants can also earn points by participating in surveys and special studies. The length and frequency of participation can result in higher point earnings and annual bonuses. Sometimes, special incentives exist for doing particular scan transactions and completing tasks.

Nielsen Homescan Rewards Catalogue

To redeem your earned points, simply visit the “Rewards” section on NielsenIQ’s website and browse through the catalogue of available gifts. Points can be redeemed for merchandise ranging from gift cards to kitchen appliances to jewelry. Once selected, your gift should arrive within 4-6 weeks, shipped free of charge via Canada Post.

As a Nielsen Homescan panel member, you have access to various rewards. You can redeem points for items such as coffee makers, sunglasses, and tablets through the gift catalogue. The rewards are listed at different point levels, allowing you to save up for larger items or choose smaller rewards more frequently. In addition to the catalogue, Nielsen regularly holds contests for panel members with prizes such as points, gift cards, and cash.

Neilson Homescan

Nielsen Homescan is Legit

Nielsen is a well-known and reputable market research company, so it’s safe to say that Homescan is legit.

Nielsen has been conducting panel studies for decades and utilizing surveys, like the Homescan panel, to gather important information from consumers. Overall, there’s no reason to suspect the legitimacy of the NielsenIQ Homescan Panel. If anything, it provides an opportunity for consumers to contribute valuable information while also earning extra perks in return.

Is it Worth the Time or Effort?

While Nielsen is a well-known and reputable company, participating in NielsenIQ Homescan may not be worth your time. The program has a low compensation rate and requires participants to consistently scan and submit their purchases, which can be tedious and time-consuming for many people. It boils down to what your time is worth, but realistically, you won’t know until you try.